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The North East’s insulation specialists

Specialising in insulation, North East Insulation Services is a family-run company with over 10 years' experience. We also supply and install other energy saving products such as smart heating controls, new boilers and air source heat pumps.


Many of the services we provide are funded by various government schemes and our team will handle everything from start to finish. Based in Sunderland, we serve customers nationwide. Fill in our funding application form today or give us a call to find out more.

We are also an approved installer for South Tyneside Council.

worker holding ladders next to insulation rolls
insulation rolls

Looking for insulation grants for your home? We can help

At North East Insulation Services Ltd, we aim to help make your home warmer, saving you money in the process! Customers could save up to 33% on their energy bills. Based in Sunderland, we serve customers nationwide.

Insulation being installed
Cavity Wall Insulation

Save on your heating bills with our cavity wall insulation.

loft insulation installation

Our loft insulation stops heat escaping out of your loft.

heating engineer testing boiler
Boiler Installations

Let our team install you a new, energy efficient boiler

phone heating app
Smart Heating Controls

Control your heating temperature and schedule with just a few taps on an app.

underfloor insulation
Underfloor Insulation

Trap more heat and save money with new underfloor insulation.

Air source heat pump
Air source heat pump
Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are a new, efficient way to heat your home.

heat loss diagram

Why bother getting insulation?

Due to the rising cost of gas and electricity it's even more important than ever to have an energy efficient home.


If your loft is not insulated you could lose about 25% of your heat via your roof. By getting your loft insulated you could save up to 25% on your bills. Wall insulation could then help you save up to a further 35% on your bill.


By combining both cavity wall and loft insulation, you could potentially halve your energy bills, meaning your insulation will end up paying for itself.

Insulating homes and businesses in:

  • Durham

  • South Tyneside

  • Glasgow

  • Edinburgh

  • Manchester

  • Leeds

  • Liverpool

  • Cumbria

Let Northeast Insulation Service help you save up to 33% on your energy bills. Fill in our insulation grant form today to find out more.

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