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Access to your FREE central heating grant starts with North East Insulation Services

A brand-new heating system and smart controls. Get it all fully funded under the ECO4 scheme and join the many homeowners across Sunderland that are enjoying lower energy bills and a warmer property.

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Could you be missing out on a FREE heating grant?

Despite the many benefits to home central heating, the cost of an initial boiler installation often puts people off. However, we’re here to show you that an upgrade could be achievable, with financial help under the government’s latest grant schemes. The ECO4 scheme offers eligible, low-income and vulnerable households the opportunity to install a brand-new, highly efficient heating solution designed to keep homes warm and bills low. Additionally, inefficient or outdated systems may also be upgraded under the scheme, without you having to spend a penny!


In a matter of minutes, you can submit your details ready for our teams to determine your eligibility. If successful, we’ll visit your property to conduct a full survey before getting the ball rolling. In addition to central heating, we can also advise on other home efficiency measures, such as cavity wall insulation, to cut costs even further. Sound easy enough? Complete our online form today!

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Smart heating controls

Having the control at your fingertips allows you to manage your energy usage, minimise energy waste and train your heating system to adapt to your household’s usage. And we have just the systems to help you do this. With a focus on shrinking carbon emissions and making UK homes more efficient, the ECO4 grant funds many smart heating systems, which North East Insulation Services Ltd can help you access.

In addition to your main thermostat, you’ll be able to control your heating remotely using a convenient mobile app, a perfect solution when on the go. To reduce your consumption and lower energy costs even further, you’ll also have the option to automate your heating to turn on and off at specific times throughout the day. By keeping your home a consistent level, you’ll reduce the time your system will need to run to reach the desired temperature. All this, and you could get it completely free of charge. Find out how by contacting NEIS today!

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“Conner was extremely helpful and explained everything we needed to know about the new thermostat. He was really professional and cleaned the work area after he had finished. We couldn’t ask for anything else.”

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Call 0191 680 4575 to speak with North East Insulation Services Ltd and learn more about how funding for your central heating works.

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