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Wall construction showing cavity wall insulation built to UK code

Cavity wall insulation, fully funded under ECO4

Keep your home warmer for longer. Claim FREE cavity insulation under the government’s latest scheme, with a helping hand from North East Insulation Services Ltd. Tackling fuel poverty for homeowners across Sunderland and beyond.

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Save money without compromising comfort. Find out if you’re eligible for funding.


Insulate your home and get more from your heating

Any home built after the 1930s is likely to have cavity walls. Unlike solid walls, these feature two walls separated by a hollow gap (a cavity), designed to prevent outside moisture from penetrating the inner rooms. You can spot these by examining the brickwork – if the pattern is even and bricks are laid lengthways, it’s likely that they’re cavity walls. Unfortunately, the gap between these two layers means warm air can easily escape, leading to draughts, heat loss and higher energy bills as a result.


Cavity wall insulation works to resolve this, filling the gap to lock the warm air in. According to the Energy Saving Trust, this small home insulation improvement could save the average mid-terrace house up to £140 a year on their energy bills. If you receive income related benefits, live in a property with a poor energy rating, or are struggling with the cost of living, you could be entitled to cavity wall insulation without spending a penny upfront. Simply find out if you’re accepted for funding, and North East Insulation Services Ltd will provide you with FREE cavity wall filling under the government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) scheme.

Bricklayer building a cavity wall
installing cavity insulation


Cavity wall insulation: the process

Whilst you may be anticipating messy, extensive building works in order to complete the installation, NEIS makes the entire process simple. This usually involves drilling small, 22mm holes in intervals across the outside walls before using specialist equipment to inject insulation into the gap. Once complete, the holes will be concealed. Whilst reducing heat loss is our main concern, cavity wall insulation can also result in better soundproofing, making for a quieter, cosier space for you to enjoy.

To secure funding, there are some requirements you’ll need to meet. However, we’ll help you with all the technicalities so you can focus on what matters most. Save money, improve the comfort of your space, and tackle raising energy costs by making your property in Sunderland more efficient today.

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“Absolutely amazing team from start to finish, very friendly, polite, informative, and did a great job, I couldn't be happier. A special thank you to Henry who went above and beyond with helping me with my windows. Thank you all.”

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Call 0191 680 4575 to discuss the process with our cavity wall insulation contractors, or find out more about how to apply for a cavity insulation grant.

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