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Flexible eligibility for ECO4

Unsuccessful for ECO4 funding? Find out if you qualify for LA Flex. North East Insulation Services Ltd will guide you through the process and determine if you meet the relevant criteria before managing your home efficiency improvement from start to finish. Available for Sunderland and beyond.

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FREE ECO4 alternative

Just because you don’t qualify for ECO4, doesn’t mean you’re not eligible for free home improvements under LA Flex.


The flexible scheme addressing local needs and circumstances

It’s no surprise that ECO4 eligibility criteria can be strict. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of options. The ECO4 Flex Scheme, known as LA Flex, allows local authorities to expand eligibility based on more inclusive criteria. This means that more people can benefit, including homeowners, private tenants, and even those who don’t qualify for the standard ECO4 scheme. LA Flex takes into account your income level, health conditions, and age to ensure those who need help the most can access essential energy-saving upgrades.

So, where do North East Insulation Services Ltd come in? We believe strict eligibility criteria shouldn’t stop you from making your home more energy efficient. Our team of experts will check your eligibility for both ECO4 and LA Flex and handle the application process for you. Simply register your interest by filling out our short form, and we’ll let you know if you qualify.

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What are the differences between LA Flex and ECO4?

LA Flex isn’t a one-size-fits-all programme, which means more households may be eligible for free home improvements. However, it also means that each council has their own criteria depending on fuel poverty issues and funding in their local area. Here’s what’s different about LA Flex:

  • Income level: While income is still a factor, LA Flex takes into account your income level in relation to your vulnerability to the cold. So, even if you don’t receive the government benefits required by the ECO4 scheme, you could still qualify

  • Health conditions: Individuals with certain health conditions that are exacerbated by living in cold or damp housing, such as respiratory illnesses or disabilities, could qualify

  • Vulnerabilities: LA Flex also considers those classified as vulnerable due to their age, such as older individuals or young children

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“Really nice guys, good manners and polite and respectful. Really good at their jobs, two of the workers Mathew and Kane downed tools and helped me with my neighbour who collapsed and also phoned the ambulance, and also kept in touch to see how he was doing, as said before, very polite and professional.”

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