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Central heating and boiler installation specialists

A new, energy efficient boiler could help you save money on your heating bills. Contact North East Insulation Services for a free quote today.

Say goodbye to your old, inefficient boiler

Over 50% of your energy costs are spent on hot water and heating your home, meaning your boiler is potentially a huge opportunity to save you money. Various schemes are available to help homeowners and landlords with the costs of having a new boiler installed and North East Insulation Services is happy to help you with the application process.

old broken boiler
boiler front panel

A-rated boiler installations

Modern A-rated boilers are far more efficient than models that are 10+ years old due to their condensing nature. A condensing boiler is able to recover heat from flue gasses and use this again to heat up water for your radiators. Energy efficient boiler models can help you save hundreds on your energy bill every year.


All our boiler installations are completed by experienced engineers and come with manufacturer warranties varying from 2 to 10 years.

Grants available for new central heating

If your home has no existing central heating system, you may be eligible for a First Time Central Heating grant from the government. If you currently use gas or electric room heaters or rely on storage heaters and you are on a low income, we can help you apply for the grant to have a new central heating system installed. Contact us to find out more.

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Grants are also available for:

blown insulation
Cavity Wall
loft insulation installation
Loft Insulation
phone heating app
Smart Heating Controls
underfloor insulation
Underfloor Insulation
Air source heat pump
Air Source Heat Pumps

“Really happy that we got our insulation from North East Insulation Services, they have been really professional. They arrived on time, fitted the insulation within a couple of hours and answered all our questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone wishing to have their home insulated.”

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