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Air source heat pump

Get a handle on heating costs with FREE air source heat pumps

Renewable systems that provide a reliable, consistent source of heat and hot water for homes across Sunderland. Work with North East Insulation Services Ltd and you could even have the entire cost of this upgrade covered under the latest government scheme.

Quick, easy, done in 2

Heat your home all year round

Irrespective of the outdoor temperature, your air source heat pump will continue to extract the energy it needs.


Revolutionise the way you heat your home

Concerns over climate change and the unsustainability of fossil fuels has intensified over recent years, and more and more homeowners across the UK are on the quest to finding alternative heating solutions. Air source heat pumps could be the answer, providing a versatile and renewable way to generate your own clean heat and hot water. These intelligent systems extract heat from the outside air and exchange this ready for use within your property. Their low electricity requirement has seen homes save up to £260 a year when compared to the standard G-rated gas boiler (Energy Saving Trust), and you could be next to reap the benefits.

As a low carbon alternative, air source heat pumps are an option under the ECO4 scheme, which could see you switch from the standard condensing boiler completely free of charge. NEIS will help you understand the eligibility requirements and, if you meet them, we'll manage the entire upgrade. All you have to do is start.

An air source heat pump on the side of a home
An air source heat pump


What are the benefits of ASHPs?

  • Quiet operation – newer models have been designed with acoustics in mind, meaning your new pump can be installed anywhere without distracting your household

  • Reduce your energy use – though heat pumps do require electricity, they generate more heat than the power required for operation

  • Lower your bills – by harnessing renewable sources, you won’t fall victim to unpredictable rates for oil and gas

  • Cut carbon emissions – ASHPs produce very low levels of carbon when compared to traditional heating systems, helping you do your bit for the planet

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Accelerate your transition to cleaner energy!

Call 01916 804575 to learn more about applying for FREE air source heat pumps and what these could mean for your home.

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